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Who were the MAGI (aka Wise Men) as mentioned in the Book of Matthew 2 : 1-12?

The mysterious and powerful Magi, depicted in the 'Christmas story' as the three wise men, were scientists, healers, astrologers, mathematicians, alchemists, theologians, philosophers, polymaths, and spiritual seekers from all walks of life.

They were not 'Christians', since the 'Christ child' was only a baby at the time. (FYI: Christ means 'anointed one') Most likely the Magi would have fallen under the title of "Chaldeans'' (possibly Zoroastrian priests). And some speculate that they were travelingamong the lost tribes. Chaldeans are mentioned throughout the old and new testaments, and would have traveled in large caravans so there were more than three as mentioned in the Biblical account. 

'Magi' is where we get the word 'magician' and 'magick'. 
Many of these brilliant nomadic magicians often sustained themselves as merchants and dealt in rare antiquities, which explains why they were in possession of the rare and expensive items they gifted to the Christ child (gold, frankincense and myrrh.) These are also very important items used in ceremonial magick.

Although these men were often 'above the laws of the land', they bowed in the Christ child's presence because of their deeper understanding of the ancient prophecies regarding the coming of a savior to the world. They understood the signs and knew he was the promised King of the Jews, Messiah and Savior of the world.

The Magi were directed by King Herod to locate Jesus Christ. Herod ruled the territory with Roman approval.  He commanded the wise men, by royal edict, to return to his palace with information on the Christ-child so they could kill the child so he would never overthrow his throne and political powers. The Magi rejected this royal command and, in essence, defied the laws of the land. Instead, they committed themselves to a higher law to protect the innocent child and to honor the most high God. They left Christ in safety without disclosing his location and journeyed back to their own lands by another route so they could leave unseen. (Matthew 2:12.)

Even today we have wise seekers who are talented in the craft at many levels, and from all walks of life. They use many modalities of magick just as the wise magicians of days past. The wise magi today also often live 'above the laws of the land' and they are the protectors of human liberty. They follow higher law and have kept secret the location of the anointed for their protection. 

Many corrupted church organizations exist that do the opposite work Christ set into motion; to make us FREE. Many have become bondmen to the church and to the lower laws; ceasing to seek, ceasing to think, and ceasing to be free. As we enter the age of awakening, the consciousness of the anointed is being restored to FREE humanity from their bonds of ignorance and the dogmas of despots. 

The balance and the magick is being restored. WE are the Magi, and we follow the higher laws, above the laws of the land; 'for our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against spiritual wickedness in high places'. Ephesians 6:12

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