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A church is a body of people. We are a collective body of magi. Join us and find empowerment in spiritual community!

Can you be a Pagan AND a Christian? Well, that depends on what YOU believe. Are you a polytheist? Then of course you can embrace both Neo-Paganism and Christianity. You see, many Pagans claim to be polytheists, yet have a problem with Christianity, which is not being a good polytheist at all. We seek to eradicate the attitude that only certain Gods have value while others do not. True polytheism embraces the validity of the divinity of all Gods.

If you're only interested in a monotheistic approach to enhancing your spirituality and finding deeper meaning in life, we recommend looking into Esoteric Christianity. If 'plastic Jesus' isn't working for you, we suggest exploring the inner Christ. In esoteric Christianity, the religion of the Christ is taught as a mystery religion.

tithes  & Offerings

Unlike most traditional churches, we do not strictly enforce that the law of tithing be paid in money.
 We ask for a certain amount of service work among our members, tithes paid as acts of kindness to humanity rather than the money hoarding perpetuated by churches who fail to understand the true 'spirit of the law'; that spiritual contribution is between you and the creator/universe.

We are however a church and we do rely on the generous donations from members and supporters to keep this church operable and available to you. All donations are tax deductible and are repaid to you through the universal laws of karma. Your donations come back to you in blessings manifested in other ways. The angels and divine beings are always watching and ready to serve those who 'pay it forward'.
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We are also supported through the fees associated with coursework and retreats/revivals as it takes a lot of investment, time and effort to make these resources available to you. For members that show extraordinary merit, scholarships are available. Money should never be a qualification for ascension, so we do our best to balance church expenses with divine laws that keep the flow of abundance sufficient for the ministry. If you have the ability to donate funds to our great work, and you choose to, we are grateful and so are the lives you touch with your contributions. 

 Membership is free. To become a fully recognized member, there is an interview process and initiation ceremony for all new members.
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Creed Declaration of Beliefs:

1. We believe that men and women are equal, and the opportunity to serveis based on meritocracy; on the basis of talent, effort, and achievement, rather than natural gender, wealth or social class. Advancement is based on performance, as measured through examination or demonstrated achievement.

2. We believe in protecting the sanctity of marriage and that healthy boundaries are necessary to foster a healthy spiritual community. We believe that family togetherness is vital to the positive evolution of the human family.

3. We believe a spiritual journey up the mountain is different for every path walker, but at the summit all receive the same 360 degree view. We believe in honoring each individual's path as they strive to reach the same point of elevation.

4. We believe magick is real and any use of this power should be only for the glory of 'God/Universe' in protecting and preserving the divine light in humanity and for the development of each individual soul.

5. We believe all life is sacred and should be treated with care to maintain proper balance. We strive to protect nature as we nurture and preserve the spirits that dwell in nature. Nature is one of our best teachers and we should maintain our own natures and impulses in proper balance so our own spiritual ecosystem is healthy and thriving with life and expression. By violating natural laws, there are consequences. As above, so below. By maintaining proper care of the spirit and the body in equilibrium, like a gardener tending a garden, we can grow many good fruits.

6. We believe that our bodies are the natural temples where our spirits dwell and we should care for our bodies with proper hygiene, psychical activity, and good nutrition. We should protect our bodies from harm and protect our DNA for it is the sacred chain of life and the genetic history of the human family.

7. We believe that physical touch carries energetic transmissions and should only be exercised between consenting individuals. All physical boundaries of individuals shall be respected to maintain the safety and personal security of all members in the church body. Rituals and initiations that require physical touch are fully informed to candidate before laying of hands is received etc.

8. We believe that liberty is a precious thing and should be protected. We seek to co-exist, peacefully with others in tolerance and also to protect personal liberty. We also believe that we should not violate the liberty and free will of another. All things decided under informed consent between parties as we seek to relate to our fellows with love and patience. When someone harms another they forfeit their right to liberty for taking the liberty of another and should come under judgment of proper authorities. Accusations may be brought to a counsel under two or three witnesses. We will not harbor criminals or abusers, and they will be swiftly dealt with. We will report serious offenses to the proper legal authorities if necessary. Otherwise, all information of membership is kept confidential.

9. We believe seeking for knowledge is a divine pursuit and that developing oneself in the sciences and arts are expressions of divine light. We encourage creativity, personal development and free thought.

10. We believe in personal accountability and in dealing honestly with others. Our word is our bond. All choices have consequences, and we strive to make the very best choices no matter what circumstances we are in. We strive to overcome our own weaknesses and to admit when we are at fault so we can make restitution if necessary, and move forward with new light.

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