Lost tribe gathering

A scattered people are not a united people

Ephesians 6:12 "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms"

The number ONE way these evil forces keep us weak and poor, is that they have divided us and conquered us with Hegelian tactics. They pit us against one another (race, religion, gender, class, culture, medical choices, political affiliation, degrees of education, etc) and then fill us with unrighteous pride of being "this or that", feeling entitled, or engaging in fruitless battles that only divide the human family more. A warring people cannot be a people of peace. FORSAKE participation in the destruction of your liberty by LOVING one another and caring for your neighbor as you care for yourself.

Our mission is to implement a divinely inspired gathering of the tribes into ONE unified people, able to co-exist and complement one another with unique differences rather than fighting over them; a gathering of heart-centered people, filled with faith and a desire for helping others and seeing the fuller picture instead of just their own problems is an unstoppable force. We will ONLY live in peace and abundance if we follow the higher laws and usurp the lower laws, powers, rulers, authorities, dominions and thrones that seek to enslave us. We do that by accessing power from divine source and working together!

We derive our authority from the powers of heaven and the supernatural world! A sovereign people does not need permission from the state to live freely. But they must govern themselves to keep their liberty. If you would like to see your children live in a peaceful world with opportunity and abundance for all, then you must rise above the thrones and powers that dominate and rule over you as a lord. You must also understand that many of your ideas about how the world works (or doesn't), have come from conditioning and programming controlled by those dark forces, and they operate from all sides, so they work together to keep you divided. That's why they are successful; they are united, but YOU are not. Social media, news, public education, secular entertainment, state services are all controlled by those dark forces mentioned in holy writ. You can either choose to subject yourself to their rule, or liberate yourself from their matrix by following divine laws which are actually liberating and simple. So simple, children are naturally capable of living the higher law until they are taught by the world to hate and fear.

 "I call heaven and earth to witness this day against you that I have set before you life and death, the blessings and the curses; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live.” ~ Deuteronomy 30:15-19 

CEASE TO FIND FAULT WITH ONE ANOHTER and come together for the greater good. UNLEARN what you have learned from the world. You have been taught to hate and fear. But we are here to teach you to love and have faith, and to work together. This is how you rise above the lower vibrational planes and eventually move into higher dimensional protections and privileges. 

It is time to gather together.

The community of the LOST TRIBE: A vision, divinely inspired

To be lost to the world is to be taken out of the world, for we are not of this world. We are sovereign souls on a mortal task.
Our light inhabits bodies that live in the 3D realm; therefore we must deal with matters related to physical reality:

Nutrition/Food/Pure Water/Breathable Air
Natural Disasters/The Elements/Ecosystems
Currency/Economic Fluidity/Managing Resources

Unfortunately, what the heavens gave to us freely, the evil and corrupt have turned into profit margins. The wickedly wealthy get rich on the back of those they leverage as a commodity. They control most of the natural resources and energy sources and make you slaves to their carefully machinated craft so they amass power and wealth for themselves from your misery and suffering. The ONLY way to break free of it is to understand what it is to be a sovereign ruled by higher laws.

To make matters worse, many of the 'churches' have been infiltrated by those dark forces. When politics enter a faith based organization, it becomes a cult or religion of total control over the thoughts and choices of the people.  This is a problem because it defies the sovereignty of our being, as the law is supposed to set us free rather than be so complicated it micromanages our lives in everything. If you are evolved spiritually enough to think for yourself and make righteous decisions, you need no ruler.

Our church is one that encourages cultural diversity and free thinking. We encourage creativity and service, self management/sufficiency and independence.  We encourage you to become like the child; innocent, teachable, loving, adventurous, full of excitement for the experiences of life! 

Our response to the condition of the world comes as a breath of fresh air to people who have been suffocated by oppression; where landlords double rent without notice and kick you out to make more money on a higher earning slave, where light and water that are provided by nature for free but controlled/regulated and sold you for a price, where food/water/air are poisoned on purpose so they can profit from chemical sales and pharmaceuticals that treat the symptoms their chemicals created, where human trafficking is done openly and there's nothing you can do about it if you are ignorant of greater light.

Come out of captivity and open your spiritual eyes. See that there is a solution, but it comes by changing your thinking and your ways. Obviously, what you've been doing so far isn't working, because you have been deceived and led into the captivity of the world. Consider participating in our Lost Tribe ministry. We have a solution- the same solution that has worked since time immemorial. The WISE have come to us as prophets, seers, seekers, teachers etc but the world has always persecuted them and sought to shut them up. 

Are you tired of being poor, impoverished, hungry, uncomfortable, stressed out about budget, taxed heavily, overly regulated and imprisoned by your captors? Then we have the solution you've been seeking for. It is not by mistake that you are reading this now, but divine source has led you here. We are embarking on a great exodus, just as the Gods have always done when there are enough righteous people to come together as sovereigns in a unified purpose.

Join or contribute to our ministry to bring people out of bondage.

You are here to break some generational curses of poverty and imprisonment, and the church is here to assist, but ultimately, your ability to keep what we lead you back to, is up to you. We can show you the door, but you must be the one to choose to walk through it. We can offer you the cup but cannot make you drink. After all, eternal laws of liberty are about choice and free will.

Choose this day whom you will serve: The dark forces and the rulers of the world, or divine light and service to tribe and God. We offer instruction in the latter. Quit the darkness and come to light.

The wealthy of the world have always pooled their resources for greater power, all the while deceiving us to be divided and self-centered. Selfishness and entitlement keep us in poverty. 

The Church, as a sovereign entity, is separate from the Government of the world. As a sovereign entity it has the right to contract, and this is constitutionally supported. The first amendment of the US Constitution protects above all, the right to freedom of religion and speech, and also the law protects the right to contract and to be secure in your papers and private property. As a unified tribe, we can be very powerful, very wealthy, and independent of the world's secular leadership. The right to private property ownership is also an important key. But the powers, thrones and dominions have claimed most of it and re-sell, rent, or tax you heavily to access what they have claimed. They rule over it and you are subject to them because you've been scattered and fallen into iniquity which is why you are in captivity. Reclaim your sovereignty. Take action. 

As a sovereign church/tribal entity, we can also claim lands and pursuit of happiness for our people as a land of inheritance to be left to our children and heirs when we pass on to the next realm. You cannot take it with you, but while you're here, you are under obligation to hold wise stewardship over those things so our people can remain free. 

The church has stewardship over a growing collective of holdings and assets and tribal wealth that is wisely managed and used to help everyone in our tribe break away from captivity. Because of our tax exempt status, we can hold those things in behalf of the people for their greater good and redistribute that wealth to the needy and afflicted so they can get on their feet and then, in turn, help others once they have been helped. These funds and asets are primarily derived from tithes, donations and offerings of those who choose to serve the greater good. When they have the capacity to share, they do so generously with their tribe/church and they are blessed by the heavens for living the higher law.

Our clergy have taken vows of poverty so as to never be able to abuse that stewardship for personal gain, but to be servants of the people, guided by divine influence to make the best decisions for the group to benefit the collective tribe. This pooling of resources does require FAITH by those who contribute. Their action to contribute to the tribe is an act of faith, paid forward because they feel the evidence of divine things moving in their heart before there is visible evidence to be seen in the physical realms. These people of such faith are the saviors of the world, and receive even greater spiritual blessings than those who shrink back in fear and doubt.

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