Apostolic Succession to the master yeshua

a.k.a. Jesus Christ

Apostolic Succession to Jesus Christ in the order of Melchizedek

Apostolic Successions

Wandering Bishops (Episcopi Vagantes)

Reverend G Desiree Fultz has received ordination through Bishop Ioannes (David Griffin). The work of the Free Church of the Magi receives charter from Alpha Ωmega and is supported by nearly all extant lines of Apostolic Succession. Jesus Christ consecrated perhaps seventeen of his closest inner circle of disciples as Apostles (later Greek Apostoloi). The term meant, “those who are sent forth.” Apostolic records show that from earliest times Christian churches were understood to be under the divine authority of the Apostles and their chosen successors.

The Bishop (Επισκοπος, episkopos) stood in place of the founding Apostle. By the laying on of hands he was heir to the fullness of apostolic authority, and was free to delegate special functions (healing, teaching, forgiveness of sins) to specific ministers under his jurisdiction. The term “Episcopi Vagantes” was applied to independent Successors of the Apostles and their chosen Successors who traveled as missionaries far and wide to teach the Gospel. The term Vagantes meant “traveling” or “wandering.” The Greek term Episcopos meant “Shepherd” or “Overseer.”

From earliest times valid lines of Apostolic Succession were maintained outside of the Roman jurisdiction, and to this day many churches have retained their unique traditions and theological independence. It is largely through their lines of succession that contemporary Wandering Bishops have arisen–still anathematized as heretics, but respected as possessing valid Apostolic orders.

Although they had each been taught by the Master Jesus, the Apostles had been far from uniform in thought and personality. They had many differences of opinion. Because of the great diversity of thought among the early Apostles, it was inevitable that the churches which grew out of their separate missionary journeys would differ widely. Eventually came the quest for uniformity of scripture, with the desire to record and codify ecclesiastical history. Once Constantine came to power, he convened the first ecumenical or “worldwide” council to settle matters of faith and order.

Constantine’s Council of Nicaea, in attempting to legislate Christian unity, suppressed much of the diversity and richness of the original churches, including what we today know as esoteric Christianity, as outside the mainstream of “orthodoxy” or “correct opinion.”  Many of the more sincerely religious yearned for a truer form of piety than the religion of the Empire could provide. This independence of thought erupted in a rash of so-called “heretical” movements, many of them generated in that traditional hot-bed of heretics, Asia Minor, and sweeping West to Rome. Once again the forces of history began to produce Wandering Bishops, but this time they were opposed by the Church, denounced as heretics and forced into exile. In just this way the Western and Eastern Churches were parted by the Great Schism.

In the 20th Century, all the extant lines of Apostolic Succession and tradition have been recovered through the work of legal and valid Independent Bishops. The completed synthesis of all extant apostolic lines of succession, might be detailed in the tree on page one linked above.

The first document linked to above is a diagram illustrating the synthesis of major lines of Apostolic Succession gathered by Bishop Lewis Keizer in the last Century. These lines of Apostolic Succession are delineated in detail elsewhere, including in Rt. Rev. Keizer’s excellent book, “The Wandering Bishops: Apostles of a New Spirituality,” which is introduced in abridged form above.

This is followed by a series of lineages where the documenting the apostolic lineages of Bishop Ron Capello are documented. Below are the continuations of both lines where they leave off in the document posted above.

Mgr. Robert Word April 25, 1994
(Mgr. Lewis Kaiser & Witnessing Bishops)

June 9, 1994 consecre subconditione
(Mgr. Gary Ford)

June 13, 1995 consecre subconditione
(Mgr. Ron Capello)

Mgr. Jean-Pascal Ruggiu June 15, 1997
(Mgr. Robert Word)

Mgr. David Griffin March 19, 1998
(Mgr. Jean-Pascal Ruggiu)

Rev. G Desiree Fultz May 27, 2021
(Mgr. David Griffin)

Rev. G Desiree Fultz (Pastor)

Below is a chart showing the progress of the divine feminine rising in the church. We receive our charter from Alpha Omega.

Founding pastor of Free Church of the Magi, Rev. G Desiree Fultz, has come from long generational history of ecclesiastic involvement. She received a 4 year seminary certificate in religious studies from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as well as special awards in scripture mastery (R.E.D. Award etc). She was born in the covenant of a 6th generational family directly connected to the founders of the church and other notable 'occult' families. Her genealogy includes Joseph Smith (distant cousin) and Brigham Young (direct 6x great uncle). Merovingian bloodlines come through these families (The Sorcerer Pagan Priest-Kings). More distant lineage includes royalty and several presidents of the United States. The last few generations of her family were involved in LDS High Councils and military intelligence including special forces. 

The grandmother of Brigham young (Desiree's 8x great grandmother) was Sybil Brigham Goddard (which is where he got his name Brigham) who was a well-known prophetess. Her mother was Mary Collins who comes from a long line of Collins traceable back to 1250's in family genealogy records. The Collins family was heavily involved with bringing witchcraft to the USA from the British Isles and the family was in Middlesex County Massachusetts during the Salem witch trials. Brigham Young was also a great grandson of John Wheeler, another very important occult family that immigrated to America from the British Isles. Family lines from the Young family HERE.

She formally resigned from the LDS church in 2017 to pursue a path with an open canon, and a spiritual environment free from racism and sexism.

Desiree joined A.'.F.'.H.'.R.'. (American Co-Masonry, now Universal Co-Masonry – Scottish Rite, Blue Lodge) in 2013 and received a masonic scholarship to receive the degree of Fellow Craft at the Grand Lodge. She was actively a participant with Masonic Philosophical Society for a few years but then became inactive with the lodge when other obligations warranted more attention. Resigned in 2021 in good standing.

Desiree felt drawn to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and certain Rosicrucian groups and began actively asking questions to learn more about the orders. This led to scholarships awarded in magick/arcane studies from the H.'.O.'.G.'.D.'. That path began in 2013 and she has continued to associate with the organization and many of the fine magickians there that have heavily influenced her path in the craft. Interestingly, Desiree shares a birthday with Samuel Liddell "MacGregor" Mathers (1854-1918) on January 8th. He was also in the Collins bloodline and was the founding chief of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, to which Aleister Crowley, a former pupil of his, later belonged. 

In 2021 she took a vow of poverty to take on the stewardship of holding space for a church. She was ordained and mentored directly under Bishop David Griffin (Gnostic Bishop and Rosicrucian Imperator if the Golden Dawn) and Rev Leslie McQuade (Witch Queen – with Alexandrian Wiccan transmissions, and Golden Dawn Chief Adept) who both hold various lineages and successions, some of which have been passed to Desiree. Therefore, Desiree's spiritual lineages include genetic AND initiated lines of succession (energetic transmissions) from many notable occultists, spiritual leaders, and masters of magick. Many of these lineage transmissions are available to worthy disciples by initiation into the craft. 
Ministerial Charter comes from the Alpha Omega church.

A notable moment for Desiree was when she had the opportunity to hold in her hand, the actual Air Dagger of Israel Regardie (another well-known occultist and ceremonial magician who was the personal secretary of Aleister Crowley for many years).

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