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Donate to help support our faerie revivals. Festival of the Faeries creates many opportunities for artists, musicians,and also facilitates opportunities for workshops, group learning, and spiritual community.

More info about the Festival of the Faeries coming soon!
For now, feel free to follow the event on Facebook for updates.

Fly to the highest heights, dance in the full moonlight,
and tell the tale of the Festival of the Faeries far and wide!
See the amazing sights, trance in a magic-filled night,
Visit the artisans, bards & rites. Drums at the fireside!
Faeries, gnomes, and sprites; and other elemental delights,
Earth, Water, Wind and spirit, and music on the mountainside...
Fire and Flow & uplifting rites are only a few of the mystical highlights!

We're baaaack! Good news! We are planning to resume Festival of the Faeries this October 16-17.
We'll honor tickets from anyone who bought early tickets from the COVID cancelled event.
If you would like to VEND or Perform please let me know and tag your folk musicians, fire spinners, faerie lovers and artisans.
We've made lots of updates to the venue - we built an amphitheater and have more camping spots! This year we may be adding metaphysical workshops and more.
Registration will be required prior to entry of the venue. It will not be open to the general public as it was before and registration will be limited. We want everyone to have a safe and wonderful experience at our faerie revivals and by requiring registration we'll know who is a member of the event.
There will not be tickets sold at the gate as there have been in the past.

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